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August 24, 2018

Who's excited for the start of school? Be sure to visit the back to school checklists on our website!

Update Your Permissions in Veracross
Please note that all families must have updated permissions for the 2018-2019 school year in Veracross. To update your permissions, household and address information, click the 'Update Family Profile' button under 'My Household' in Veracross. On the next screen, permissions can be found on the 'School Policies' tab. Click on 'Upper School Permissions.'

Other Important Summer To-Do Items
As the summer winds down, please refer to our Back to School Information webpage for outstanding back to school to-do items, which include:

Complete Your Checklist

RSVP for Opening Days Events
Families, please use the form linked below to RSVP for Opening Days receptions on Friday, August 31, Sunday, September 2 and Monday, September 3. Please indicate the total number of guests for each meal, including yourself. Please do not include your daughter(s) in the totals. Thank you, we look forward to seeing you soon!


Watch Walker's Games and Events Online
Walker's streams events from campus live and on demand with GameOnStream at no cost to families. Watch Walker's sports games, Chapel events, theater performances and more wherever you are via your laptop, phone, or tablet. In order for you to gain access, you will need to register for the service with the email address we have on file. The link to register for GameOnStream and access live and on demand events is ethelwalker.gameonstream.com.

If you have not yet registered, click on "REQUEST ACCESS" and follow the instructions to enter your email address and select a new password. Please use the email address you use to log in to Veracross. You will receive an email confirming your new account creation once you click the submit button.

Save These Dates!
*Your word of mouth recommendations are one of our most powerful sources of referrals for future Walker's girls. Please help us spread the word!

Walker's in the Media

Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to assist you:

Dean of Students Office
Kathleen McNary Pillsbury, Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life, kpillsbury@ethelwalker.org
Nishette Isaac, Assistant Dean of Students, +1-860-408-4324, nisaac@ethelwalker.org
Mallory Pasquariello, Administrative Assistant, +1-860-408-4237, mpasquariello@ethelwalker.org

Registrar/Scheduling/Student Records
Susan Riggles, Registrar, +1-860-408-4235, sriggles@ethelwalker.org

Academic Administration

Julia Sheldon, Dean of Studies, +1-860-408-4335, jsheldon@ethelwalker.org

Robert Dawson, IT Helpdesk Support, HelpDesk@ethelwalker.org

Health/Learning Services
Joyce McIntyre, School Nurse, +1-860-408-4289, jmcintyre@ethelwalker.org
Joan Skelley, School Counselor, +1-860-408-4284, jskelley@ethelwalker.org
Mary Beth Conley, Academic Support Coordinator, +1-860-408-4283, mconley@ethelwalker.org

Business Office
Greg Jandreau, CFO, +1-860-408-4241, gjandreau@ethelwalker.org
Deb Palazzolo, Student Billing, +1-860-408-4242, dpalazzolo@ethelwalker.org

John Monagan, Athletic Director, +1-860-408-4290, jmonagan@ethelwalker.org
Mimi Duran, Assistant Athletic Director, +1-860-408-4294, mduran@ethelwalker.org
Kati Eggert, Aquatics Director/Director of Sports Information, +1-860-408-4292, keggert@ethelwalker.org

Linda Langmeier, Director of Riding and Head Trainer, +1-860-377-1386, llangmeier@ethelwalker.org
Jo Seaver, Senior Trainer, +1-860-573-5496, jseaver@ethelwalker.org
Randi Booth, Assistant Director of Riding/Riding Instructor, +1-860-408-4360, rbooth@ethelwalker.org

Dining Services
Michelle Ades, Director of Dining Services for FLIK, +1-860-408-4275, mades@ethelwalker.org

Contact Us

Phone: (860) 408-4467
Fax: (860) 408-4329

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