September 20, 2017

Middle School Fall Fan Day

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Upper School Lead From Here + Stark Raven Madness

Lead From Here

Ravens Step Up for Hurricane Relief

As our school community took in the heartbreaking images of catastrophic flooding in Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey — followed all too quickly by news of serious damage in the Caribbean and Florida caused by Hurricane Irma — students and their teachers pushed aside feelings of helplessness and asked, “What can we do?” ... (read more)

Global Friendships Cultivate Awareness and Citizen Leadership

Through Lead From Here and our global programs, Ravenscroft develops in our students valuable skills needed to be successful in a world built on interconnectivity and international awareness. To help cultivate our citizen leaders, Ravenscroft offers a variety of experiential learning opportunities, including international hosting and exchange programs.

Recently, 18 students and two teachers from our partner school, Centro Escolar Amanecer (located in the Alcorcon area of Madrid, Spain) visited Raleigh for approximately three weeks... (read more)

Transforming Education Through Leadership Development

Our students are given the gift of an extraordinary education that is delivered through their day-to-day classroom experiences provided by our remarkable teachers. A significant component of our partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), a top-ranked provider of executive education, is the ongoing professional development and facilitation training that our teachers receive.

Recently, faculty attending the Leadership Essentials Program reported the following scores on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the highest and best score), indicating overwhelmingly positive feedback about the value of this professional development and its impact on the classroom...  (read more)

Ravenscroft Teams with The Social Institute for Video on Winning at Social

This summer, The Social Institute, in collaboration with students from Ravenscroft and Duke University, created this video highlighting how young people can win at “being social” — i.e., using social media.

Last year Ravenscroft began working with Laura Tierney, founder and president of The Social Institute, to better aid our students in navigating social media in this new “social” age of technology. This educational initiative was developed on our campus because we are committed to student health and helping students understand the foundations and dynamics of healthy relationships. We believe it is essential to teach students how to handle different social scenarios both on- and off-line.

Ravenscroft is currently the only school in the nation to offer this one-of-a-kind, student-driven and forward-thinking social media curriculum. Please help us get the word out about the unique and important work we do by sharing the video with others on your social media accounts, tagging @RavenscroftNC and using #winatsocial.

Soaring Ravens

New Director of Educational Technology Supports Innovation in the Classroom

With educational technology continuing to evolve and grow at lightning speed, Ravenscroft remains committed to helping teachers and students make the most of the new tools and innovations at their disposal. This year the school welcomed Sarah Loyola as director of educational technology, a role that draws on her extensive experience as a classroom teacher as well as her doctoral coursework in Educational Technology at the University of Florida.

“We have all seen major changes in how the world works over the last several decades due to advances in technology,” Loyola said. “The realm of education is no different... (read more)

Sarah Cortina ’03 Reflects on 2017 Emmy Win for Outstanding Children's Animated Program
by Sarah Cortina

I really never planned to end up working in the animation industry, let alone in Japan. But I studied Japanese in college, so after graduation I decided to take a year and go to Japan to study some more and experience life abroad.

It was really meant to just be the one year, but by the time I finished the language program I had become pretty fluent. I knew if I went back to the U.S. my chances of finding a job that made use of those skills were low, and that seemed like a waste, so I decided to stay a bit longer...  (read more)

Embrace Possibility

Embrace Possibility: Join the Challenge!

You’re seeing the signs, you’re hearing the buzz, and you now know that Embrace Possibility, the Campaign for Ravenscroft, supports Every Raven, Every Day!

But do you also know that an anonymous donor has challenged all Ravenscroft parents?!

The donor offers a gift of $250,000 if Ravenscroft parents collectively match the gift by giving or pledging a combined total of $250,000 by Nov. 1, 2017. Together, that is $500,000 raised toward our $15M goal!

It also means that the clock is ticking! We have just a few weeks to raise $250,000. Will you please join us and make your gift or pledge today? You can give now.

Want to learn more about Embrace Possibility? Enjoy our video about how teachers make the difference and how Embrace Possibility ensures we have the best possible teachers for our young learners. 

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