November 29, 2017

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

A Day in the Life of Edgar the Raven

Fall Sports Awards

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Expressing Gratitude and Spreading Joy

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, Ravens big and small were thinking about what makes them most thankful and putting consideration, time and effort into expressing gratitude and spreading joy throughout the community. Activities included visits to retirement homes, thoughtful gestures of appreciation or kindness, and collections and fundraising to support relief and charity organizations.

Read about some recent activities of students from all three divisions ... (read more)

Undoing" Math: New Math 7 Approach Means Everyone Can Be a “Math Person”

At some point you may have overheard someone say, “Oh gosh, I’m not a ‘math person’!” But have you ever stopped to wonder why — why do so many people believe they are not “math people”?

Dispelling that notion — and, in essence, “undoing” math — is at the heart of great teaching happening in Ravenscroft math classes and, in particular, in the way Middle School math teachers Erin Altshuler and Lindsey Nelson are teaching Math 7.

“Everyone can be a ‘math person,’” said Altshuler ... (read more)

Students Break Out of the Box with Interactive Library Challenge

Sometimes, librarians want you to whisper. This month in Winston Library, the librarians encouraged fifth grade students to get excited, be active, talk amongst themselves... and maybe even (shhh!) shout.

Inspired by the popularity of “escape room” activities — in which participants are locked in a room and must work together to find clues, solve problems and avoid pitfalls while racing against the clock to break out — Lower School librarians Emily Harkey and Jessica Ortolano led students in an active learning experience that linked a clever breakout challenge with the popular Global Read Aloud program ... (read more)

Teaching and Learning Grammar Authentically
by Michelle Schulze and Jessalyn Crawford

At Ravenscroft, we recognize the importance of writing conventions and mechanics in children’s writing and are teaching grammar concepts in authentic and developmentally appropriate ways at each grade level.

Research on effective writing instruction states that the best way to make these important writing conventions and mechanics relevant for our students is through reading quality literature and applying the concepts in their own writing. Showing students how mentor writers use grammar empowers them as authors of their own writing to play with language and conventions to communicate their ideas precisely and intentionally.

It is a priority in our writing workshops to make grammar instruction meaningful. We sing about it, act it out, look for examples in the books that we love, and apply what we know in our own writing. We make it fun and relevant. When our students effectively share their thoughts and ideas in writing, they have the power to change their world.

Watch this video to see how our teachers provide authentic and purposeful learning experiences during writing workshops in Lower School so our writers can thrive in school and beyond!

Soaring Ravens

“Ravenscroft took a chance on me, and I will never forget it”: Shawn Morrison ’94 Reflects on His Connections to Ravenscroft

Shawn Morrison ’94 (seen here in his senior portrait) recalls he wasn’t “the typical Raven” when he joined the Upper School as a 10th grader. His family had recently moved to Raleigh from up North, he came from a single-parent household, and he was the only African-American student in his class. With different experiences from many of his classmates, he says, he struggled to fit in.

When, at his family’s urging, he tried out for the football team, he found the sense of belonging he had been looking for ... (read more)


#croftGRADitude Recap and Thank You! 

Ravenscroft alumni have memories of our school that still tug on their heartstrings. Maybe it’s reminiscing about eating lunch in Rhonda’s? Or running around Holding Garden during P.E.? They may find themselves smiling, thinking about a certain teacher, coach or instructor at Ravenscroft whose influence on their life still echoes to this day.

This year, we celebrated #croftGRADitude. We shared spotlights on some of our veteran teachers (Dr. Avery, Mr. P and Coach Norman) and walked down memory lane with Edgar the Raven. We encouraged our alumni to give, and an anonymous donor matched each alumni gift or pledge of any amount with $500.

And together, from 98 donors, we raised $70,289. We couldn’t have done it without our loyal and amazing alumni!

Ravens in the News

Football Team’s Use of “MVPs” Makes News

With awareness about sports-related concussions growing, a recent acquisition by the Ravenscroft Athletic Department is getting noticed.

NBC’s Liz McLaughlin covered the football team’s use of the MVP — short for “Motorized Virtual Player” — to lower the risk of head injuries during tackling practice. The story was picked up by other NBC affiliates, taking the athletic staff’s focus on injury prevention and innovative use of technology to a wider audience.

In case you missed it, here’s the story, which includes commentary from running back Josh Brunson ’18 as well as Ravenscroft Athletic Director and head football coach Ned Gonet. Gonet also discussed the use of MVPs in a CW22 “Game of the Week” segment.

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